Plant support accessory
Plant support accessory
Plant support accessory
Plant support accessory
Plant support accessory
Plant support accessory
Plant support accessory
Plant support accessory

Plant support accessory

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This plant clip holds loosely so it doesn't harm the vine itself as it grows. It makes plants healthier. It will definitely make you more productive

  • Cost-effective and durable –  you can keep your plants growing upright at a fraction of the cost. It is made of transparent PP plastic material, the plant clip can firmly fix stems and seedlings to support stakes, providing strong support for beans and plants.
  • Unique Design -  Length 2.76" (7cm) (expanded), mid diameter 0.98" (25mm) (folded). The perfect hollow design ensures air circulation and promotes plant growth. The plant lattice clamp has a quick-open design so it can be easily moved or reused, and it is easy to fix and release, ensuring that the sling can be used repeatedly without damage.
  • Easy to operate -  press the locking tab. These are easy to clip on and reopen. By using these items, they can make your plants healthier. They provide good support and are very easy to use. Great solution for tomato vines. Perfect for grafting plants, cutting branches from one plant onto another so they grow together.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS –  Ideal for securing tomatoes, bell peppers, watermelons and other vegetables and fruits to hanging wires. It can also be used to bundle and fix post-emergent plant stems to prevent them from being broken or bruised.
  • Plant Protector -  Protect your delicate flowers and vines from the elements. Straightens plants, prevents fruit from bending branches or vines, and promotes plant growth. Suitable for vertical gardening and small residential gardens.

Product Description

1. Support and protect, secure your plants, protect them from bad weather, prevent
vertical gardening from slipping and collapsing, minimize friction damage, help your plants grow upright and healthy.
2. Can be used to fix plants on ropes, cages, trellises, brackets, wooden stakes, etc. to support plant climbing,
or to fix different stems to help plants grow upright and healthy. Also helps beautiful fruits hang down.
3. Suitable for small stems/stems and vines. Perfect plant clip for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, beans,
eggplants, melons, grapes, blueberries, roses, orchids, honeysuckle

Considerably saves time and labor:
1. Snap-on connector, easy to snap on and remove. One hand is enough to do the job. Enables
all fixing work for small plants to be completed in a short time.
2. Greatly improve efficiency, save time and effort, and make gardening work easier and more interesting.


Material: Plastic
Color: White
Dimensions: 1 inch inner diameter

Package includes: 

50/100/150 pieces x Tomato Plant Support Clip