Why is Verticalox better?

Why is Verticalox better?

It's simple: cleaner facials, better results!

The Verticalox Difference
At Verticalox, we're committed to improving skincare habits. As a result, we've created a better way to beautify with safe, clean active ingredients that deliver real results. We don't believe in dirty ingredients. No fillers. No fake products. No toxic chemicals. Just quality products from Verticalox, designed specifically for your skin. No matter what your skin concerns are, our natural botanicals, pure vitamins, potent proprietary formulas, and premium products can transform the appearance of your skin without serious after-effects or irritation.

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For years, the skincare industry has been caught between two extremes. We were left with only two choices: 100% organic products, which are safe but don't work as well, or expensive dermatology-grade creams, which work well but contain toxic ingredients that can cause irritation. It has become a common frustration to waste money trying many different brands with no results.

The Solution:
In 2018, verticalox changed all that by creating clean and safe formulas along with powerful and effective active ingredients. We believe that natural doesn't always mean safe (for example, poisonous mushrooms are 100% natural). We also believe that you don't need toxic ingredients to get beautiful, glowing skin.

Where it all started:
Founded by a couple of beauty industry executives, verticalox quickly gained a rabid following and today we have many customers who have been ordering it for years. Our customers trust verticalox to create quality products that are safe and leave their skin glowing. We value this trust and keep it in mind with every new product we formulate.

Our Priority:

Our cleansing beauty formulas are formulated with ingredients that will not irritate or harm the skin to achieve beauty results.

All of our products are tested by independent laboratories and are proven to be hypoallergenic, non-irritating and effective.

We are always 100% certified cruelty-free. Here are some of the key active ingredients used in our products

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